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Your wedding gown

When buying a wedding gown, you are not just buying the gown, you are buying the entire ensemble - including the gown, the headpiece, jewelry, undergarments, and shoes. Make sure that all the different pieces work well together!

Be Prepared

  • Browse's selection of Rochester area Bridal Shops for the latest bridal fashions!
  • Register for Rochesters Largest Bridal Shows and enjoy the latest fashions displayed on stage!
  • Look through bridal magazines for ideas. Most manufacturers list shops where the dress can be found locally.
  • Don’t fall in love with the first dress you try on. You might like the look of yourself as a bride better than the actual gown. It’s easy to be swept away by the first gown! Try on a couple more, and then go back to the first one. You may still love it best, or you may find it isn’t as fantastic as you had thought.
  • Bring shoes the height you want to wear at the wedding with you when you shop. This will give you a good idea of how the gown will actually fall on you. Also - wear a strapless bra so that you can get a good idea of how the dress will look.
  • Bring only one person with you on your first few trips, someone you can trust to tell you the truth about how the gown looks on you.
  • You may want to take some attendants with you, once you have narrowed down your choices. That way you can get different opinions of how the gowns look on you. Of course, you get to make the final choice!
  • Be well rested. If you are tired and less than patient, the shopping trip is guaranteed not to be a success.
  • Have a list of the following for your bridal consultant: the date and time of the wedding, the formality, the theme, and the location of ceremony and reception. Also, you should have already asked your officiant about dress restrictions.
  • Allow several weeks or even months to visit shops and try on dresses. If you try on too many dresses at one time, you’ll get tired, and may wind up getting something just to be done with it.
  • Try on different types and styles of gowns. Some may not be as impressive on the hanger as they are once you get them on. You’ll always know when you have found the perfect gown!
  • Ask if the gown can be customized. Perhaps you love everything but the sleeves — can they be changed? Remember, this may involve additional costs.
  • Before you buy — Beware! Has the shop been in business for a while? Does it seem well taken care of, the people who work there professional?
  • Keep in mind that during the ceremony, your guests will mainly see the back of your gown, so be sure you like that as well as the front!
  • Know your budget before you tart looking. That will give the consultant a place to start.
  • Don’t try to do everything at once. Shop for the gown first, and when that decision has been made, look for the accessories.

When To Shop

This is one of the first details you’ll want to attend to — because it’s so much fun! As soon as you know what season your wedding will be you can start to look. You should make sure you start looking at least seven months before your wedding, to allow enough time for everything that needs to be done.

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