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Your headpiece and veil add the final touch to your wedding ensemble. They should compliment your gown and flatter your face.

Headpieces and veils should be tried on the same time you try on your gown so you can see that they compliment each other. These are separate items, and are charged separately from your gown. There are many different headpieces to choose from. You should choose one which suits your gown, your hairstyle, and your face shape.
Veil should only be worn by first-time brides. Usually, the more formal a wedding, the longer the veil. It should suit the length of the dress. An Elbow length veil falls to your elbows. A Chapel veil falls three yards long, and a Cathedral length veil falls four yards. A three-tiered Fingertip veil falls to your fingertips, and is complemented by a face veil. A Blusher covers only your head and face. This can be removed at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. You may want to choose a detachable veil so you can remove it after the ceremony. More information on headpieces can be found in a separate article, Headpieces and Veils.

Choosing A Headpiece

Wear your hair in the style you wish to have it at your wedding when you choose your headpiece. Even if you have already decided on which style you prefer, try on a couple of different types of headpieces. You may find it looks better once you get it on than you had thought. Your hair style, facial features, figure, and gown style should all be considered when deciding which headpiece best suits you. Since it is the closest, you should keep the neckline of your gown particularly in mind. You should also keep the color of your gown in mind. If it is white, then your headpiece should be as well.

Headpiece Styles To Choose From

There are many different styles to choose from. Here are a few:
Hair Clips: You may choose from a banana clip, decorated with flowers, beading and ribbons, or a bow, made of the same material as your gown and decorated with ribbons, streamers, or beads. Hair combs can also be decorated with flowers and other trimmings. You may also choose to attach fresh or silk flowers to your hair.
Snoods: These are thin netting which hold your hair. They often come with a headband across the front, and are decorated with beading or ribbons.
Hats: There are many different styles of hats. Here are a few: Derbys have a rounded crown and narrow brim. They are best with old-fashioned gowns. Garden hats have a large, round crown and a wide brim. They look best with full, curly hair, and with a Victorian style-dress. Remember, these will shade your face in photographs. Pillbox hats are small and brimless with a round, flat crown. They look best with short hair or a chignon, and with tailored gowns. Half-hats fit tightly to your head at mid-crown. These look best with short hair, curly hair.
Caps: Juliet caps are small caps which sit on the back of the head. They look best with short curly hair and traditional gowns. A Headband cap sits on top of your head, in front of your ears to frame your face. They look best with hairstyles that have bangs.
Headbands: They can be a band of flowers, or a band of decorated fabric. These look best with short hair and sophisticated gowns.
Others: Mantillas are lace head scarves, worn loose around the face and secured with a comb. A tiara or crown, covered with real stones or with rhinestones, may also be worn.

What Looks Best With:

Long face: A hat with a wide brim and a low crown will best suit your face.
Round face: A high tiara or a pillbox hat will look best. A veil with some height above your face will also help lengthen your face.
Oval face: A headpiece which frames your face will look good on you.
Square face: A headpiece which sits back on your head, and an understated veil will look best on you. Create height on top of your face with your hair.
Heart shaped: You should choose a veil which is full at your jawline to add width. Minimize the height of your hair, and create fullness at your chin.
Short, full figure: Keep your headpieces simple and close to your face. A billowy headpiece will accentuate your size.


These can be made of nylon or of silk, and come in a variety of styles and lengths. They should only be worn at your first wedding. Your veil should match the color of your dress. Again, as with the headpiece, it should also match the detailing on your dress. You may try to find a match (or something similar) for the lace in your gown on your veil. You may want to choose a detachable veil so you can remove it after the ceremony.


In general, the more formal your wedding is, the longer the veil. It should suit the length of the dress. There are many different lengths. Here are the seven most common ones.
Pouf: A pouf is attached to the back of your headpiece, and is a small tuft.
Blusher: A blusher covers only your head and face. This type of veil is usually removed during your wedding ceremony.
Elbow: An elbow length veil falls to your elbows.
Fingertip: A fingertip veil falls to your fingertips.
Waltz: A waltz veil falls to your ankles.
Chapel: A chapel veil falls three yards long.
Cathedral: A cathedral length veil falls four yards.


  • You should secure your headpiece and veil with white bobby pins or clips.
  • When choosing your headpiece, think of how it will show up in photographs.Will it obscure your face?
  • Your headpiece should be comfortable.If you feel uncomfortable in a hat or a heavy piece, keep it simple.
  • Ask your salesperson about how free to move you will be. If you are planning on doing a lot of dancing, your headpiece shouldn’t fall off!
  • If you want a very elaborate headpiece, consider removing it after the ceremony, and replacing it with a simple bow or ornament so you can move easier at your reception.
  • Try on your headpiece a week or two before your wedding, to get accustomed to moving in it.
  • Take your headpiece with you to your hair stylist the morning of your wedding so your hair can be appropriately styled.
  • If your wedding or reception is going to be out doors, keep that in mind when selecting your headpiece and veil. You may want something very simple that won’t be disordered by the wind.
  • Be very careful of your veil if you are going to be dealing with candles during your ceremony, such as lighting a candle or carrying one. Make sure your veil will be nowhere near the flames.



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