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These days, there are no hard and fast rules. As with many traditions, the financial responsibility of the wedding has changed.

The tradition of the bride's family paying for the wedding dates back to the ancient custom of fathers providing dowries to find suitable husbands for their daughters. These days, who pays for what depends on each couple's unique situation. Some couples have families (both bride's and groom's) that are more than willing and able to contribute for most or all of the expense, while other couple's may have to fund the entire event themselves. Depending on your situation, you most likely will fit somewhere in between these scenarios.

Discuss It First

It is best for the couple and both sets of parents to meet before making any plans, and determine who will pay for what, and how much is going to be spent. In some cases, the bride and groom may be paying for all costs involved in their wedding. A discussion will prevent hard feelings at a future point. Here are some guidelines for traditional responsibilities. Remember, they are only guidelines and may not apply in every case.

The Bride

  • Wedding ring for the groom.
  • Wedding gift for the groom.
  • Gifts for her bridal attendants.
  • Accommodations for out-of-town attendants.
  • Her blood and medical tests.
  • Guests’ book for the reception.
  • Personal stationery and/or calling cards.

Her Family

  • They may host an engagement party for the couple.
  • Bridal consultant or decorator.
  • The entire cost of the reception.
  • A wedding gift to the couple.
  • Bride’s wedding gown.
  • The invitations, announcements, and all mailingcosts.
  • Music at the wedding.
  • The wedding and engagement photographs.
  • Wedding videos.
  • Special parties, events for out-of-town guests.
  • Any costs associated with the ceremony, except for the officiant.
  • Favors for the guests.
  • Flowers for the bridesmaids.
  • Transportation for the bridal party to the wedding and reception.

The Groom

  • Engagement ring for the bride-to-be.
  • Wedding ring for the bride.
  • Wedding gift for the bride.
  • The marriage license.
  • Gifts for his groomsmen.
  • Flowers for the bride, corsages for the mothers, and boutonnieres for the men in the wedding party.
  • Accommodations for out-of-town attendants.
  • His blood and medical tests.
  • His own formal wear.
  • Gloves, ties, or ascots for the men in the wedding party.
  • The fee for the officiant.
  • The honeymoon (usually from money received at the wedding).

His Family

  • A dinner for the bride¬πs family so both families can meet.
  • They may host an engagement party for the couple.
  • Their wedding apparel.
  • Wedding gift for the couple.
  • The rehearsal dinner.
  • They may pay for the liquor at the reception.

Her Attendants

  • Wedding apparel.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Bridal shower.
  • Shower gift.
  • Wedding gift for the couple.
  • A “bachelorette” party for the bride.

His Attendants

  • Wedding apparel.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Wedding gift for the couple.
  • A bachelor party for the groom.

The Guests

  • Their own travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Wedding gift for the couple.



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