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Why Have a Bridal Consultant?

When you have something break in your house, you call in an expert. When planning your wedding, you should think along the same lines! A wedding consultant is the expert on weddings. They can help you to create the wedding that you have always dreamed of (but may not have the time to plan). This is a once-in-a-lifetime day! There are many different situations where a wedding consultant can be of enormous help. Some of these are:

Long Distance Planning

If you live in one place but are going to be married in another, such as your home town, the consultant in the area can keep track of all the details and recommend credible suppliers without you having to do it all long distance.


If you don’t have someone close to you to help you, such as a mother or close friend who has gotten married, you may have no idea even where to start. A consultant can help you get yourself on track, and keep you from forgetting important details.


If you have someone to help, but are afraid of them taking over the planning, a consultant can act as a mediator, who may help you keep your wedding as you want it.


If there is a delicate family situtation, she or he can help you with the etiquette of the situation so that your wedding runs smoothly with no hurt feelings.

What Can a Bridal Consultant Do For Me?

  • They can save you time by doing all the preliminary work for you. They can spend time getting all the best places and merchants so that you can make all your decisions at one time, without running around.
  • They can save you money and headaches by knowing who has the best values, or who is reputable and who is not.
  • They can help you stay within your budget. Because They know where the bargains can be found, They will most likely plan a wedding worth more than you might otherwise been able to have.
  • They can help you with all your planning, such as who is to be where, at what time, and can make sure that everything runs smoothly, all day.
  • They can plan only those details you don’t want to deal with, such as find a good florist and caterer or you can have them coordinate the entire wedding.
  • Their duties should include co-ordinating the rehearsal. They should be available on your wedding day, from the time you leave home to the end of the reception.
  • You may get special attention from the merchants and vendors you use. Rather than this being a one-shot deal, where they see you on the day of your wedding and that’s it, the retailer is looking to establish a long-term relationship with the consultant, so that they will recommend them in the future.


Where to Find a Consultant

The first place to look is right here at! Another source is the Association of Bridal Consultants, 200 Chestnutland Road, New Milford, CT 06776: (203) 335-0464.

How They Work

Once you find a consultant, use the initial meeting to get a good feeling of how your personalities mesh. Will they be someone who you can work well with?
What are their credentials/training? Will they let their tastes influence the wedding more than yours?
In an initial meeting with the consultant, you will discuss your budget, the number of guests, the style of your wedding and the date. They should explain their process and fee schedules to you and share with you a sample contract and terms.
After the initial meeting, you will meet many times to discuss all the arrangements for your wedding. You should expect to sign a contract defining all services they will provide. Remember, they will present you with multiple options for suppliers for each service, and you select the ones you are comfortable with. They will give numerous ideas and recommendations and often go with you to assist in the interviews.
Your Rochester or surrounding area wedding consultant/coordinator should also be with you throughout your wedding day to insure all plans are carried out and questions do not detract from your enjoyment.

Fee Arangements

Fees vary, but it is normal for a consultant to charge up to 15% of the cost of the wedding. This should be considered as part of the budget, not additional to the budget. Their expertise often saves you most of their fee and insures high quality, reputable services from suppliers. They may also charge an hourly rate, a flat fee, or some combination of each. All these methods are acceptable, but you should determine in advance what your consultant will charge and sign a contract detailing it.

The Many Roles of a Wedding Consultant

  • They can be a creative planner, who may have suggestions for you that you love, but might not have thought of on your own.
  • They can be a coordinator, who finds all the best merchants and suppliers, and who makes sure that no detail is overlooked.
  • They can help you plan the wedding the way you want it, and can keep peace in the family at the same time.
  • They can “balance your books,” by making sure that all deposits are paid on time, and that you stay within your wedding budget.
  • She (or he) can be a “Miss or Mr. Manners” and help you with the etiquette that is so important at your wedding.
  • They can make sure that you enjoy your wedding day, without having to think of all the details, and worry that something has been overlooked.
  • They are the best financial advisor you will have to help establish a complete and comprehensive budget, track your progress relative to the budget and help you avoid “emotional spending.”

Questions to Ask

  • How long have you been in business in this area?
  • What types of weddings have you planned (formal, traditional, or more casual and offbeat)?
  • Can you plan only the details that I specify?
  • Do you think you can provide the type of wedding we want?
  • If we have a delicate family situation (divorce, death in family, etc.) can you make recommendations so that the wedding runs smoothly?
  • Can I have a list of references?
  • Will you attend my wedding?
  • Do you accept a commission from the vendors?
  • If so, will I have a lot to choose from, or am I limited to those you get a commission from?
  • How do you charge for your services (hourly, or a percentage of the total cost, or a flat fee)?
  • If by percentage, what is the percentage?
  • Do you make any decisions without my knowledge, or will I be consulted on every decision?
  • Is the time (or budget) sufficient to plan my wedding?
  • Are there any details you know you cannot supply?
  • What manner of training have you taken to prepare yourself for being a wedding coordinator?




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