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Rochester Wedding Vendors

Rochester Wedding Ice Sculptures

Ice Sculptures


Add that distinctive finishing touch to your Rochester area wedding reception.
Ice sculptures will add a welcome note of drama and elegance to your Rochester, New York wedding reception.

Some couples display their masterpieces in the foyer, on the gift table, on one end of the bridal table, or alongside the cake. Ice sculptures may also be used at a bar, in the form of an ice luge, or, for that matter, the entire bar may be made of ice.
Where you set your sculpture is also influenced by the size and layout of the room. Considering that your chilly work of art could weigh approximately 150 to 200 pounds, you'll need a sturdy table to support the weight.
Sculptures from ice can be abstract or realistic, functional or purely decorative. Ice sculptures are generally associated with special or extravagant events because of their limited lifetime, making them a perfect embellishment for your Rochester area wedding.

Where to find your Rochester ice sculptor

Find the perfect Rochester sculptor right here at!
Many of Rochester's finest reception facilities may either offer ice sculptures themselves or be able to refer you to a Rochester ice carver they have a history of working with. You or a family member may also know of an ice carver that you have dealt with in the past.
Ice carvers suggest that you contact them as soon as you decide to have an ice sculpture at your reception. Many sculptures will ask for at least four weeks' lead time. Once you contact your ice carver, they most likely will request a deposit to secure your date on their calendar.
They may ask you to choose between either a hand-carved sculpture of crystal-clear ice (most suitable and known for its fiery, diamond-like sparkle), or perhaps, a more affordable molded type, which can be tinted to suit the room or your Rochester reception theme and include beautiful embedded items, like plants or roses. But for weddings, most sculptors prefer the superior clarity of crystal-clear, hand-carved creations.
Typically, a sculptor will suggest that you browse through their online ice gallery for ideas and pricing, but custom design requests are almost always welcome. Pricing often includes on-time delivery and set up, and a self-contained drip tray, but you should clarify this in advance and avoid wedding day surprises.

Ice sculpture pricing and details

Expect to pay somewhere in the range of $400.00 to 600.00 for a typical complete package that includes set up, delivery, drip tray and light. Add-ons like out-of-zone delivery areas will hike up the price a little more, and don't forget to account for sales tax!
Indoor ice sculptures will last approximately 5-8 hours. The larger the sculpture, the longer it lasts. Water will collect in the self-contained drip tray as the ice melts. The sculptor may provide baby's breath and greens to disguise and conceal the tray, so you won't see the accumulating water. They may also offer flower arrangements, candles, balloons, table swans, or customized lighting displays to embellish your ice sculpture and lend it even more drama, on request.

Ice sculpture themes

Popular subjects for ice sculptures at weddings are intertwined hearts, dolphins, wedding bells, champagne bottles, fairytale castles, fanciful Cinderella carriages, stringed harps and bride & groom sculptures. One of the most popular wedding themes is the classic kissing swans, representing the couple in the wedding celebration. Swans have a reputation for monogamy, which partly accounts for their popularity.


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