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Rochester Area Independent Caterers

If you decide to hold your reception at a site where the meal isn’t provided, you may want to consult a Rochester area independent caterer. There are two different types of caterers available. One simply prepares and delivers the food, while the other provides all food services, including servers, linens, tableware, etc. You should look for the kind of caterer which will best serve your needs, and the reception site.

  • Ask about some sample menus and their prices.
  • Request to see photos of past events, and also for references from past customers.
  • Ask if you will have an opportunity to taste any sample meals.
  • Check their requirements for cooking equipment, electrical outlets, etc.
  • You may ask about who will be serving the meal, and the extra charges involved in that, if any.
  • Make sure you get in writing exactly what will be provided (food, drink, servers, linens, tableware).

Non-Traditional (Off-Site Locations)

These are sites which will not provide all of the service you need on your wedding day. For example, there may be kitchen facilities available, but you must provide your own caterer. These kinds of sites can make your wedding unique, but also will require more planning and coordinating than a traditional site. You will probably need to engage the service of an Independent Caterer (see above section), and may need to rent additional equipment.

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