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Wedding Budget Sample

You dream of the perfect Rochester area wedding, but you have a very real budget. How can you accomplish both? Refer to this sample budget to assist you with setting up your budgeter.

This is a sample to demonstrate possible category items you might enter into your budgeter categories, prices are for demonstration purposes only and are not meant to reflect actual expenses.

My Budgeter

My budgeter will help you keep track of your expenses to stay within your budget. Below are wedding categories that will help categorize your budget items. Go to the bottom of this table to add items to your budget along with the total set aside for the item and how much you actually spent on the item. At any time you may update your budget, actual amount spent or deleting an item by locating the item, updating the field and clicking Update. When you enter a payment to a vendor the cost of that vendor will be added to the subcategory you assign it to.