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Favors are the bridal couple’s way of thanking their guests with a small token, which may also be kept as a remembrance of the wedding.

Budgeting for Favors

When you determined your wedding budget, you should have allowed some money for favors. Use that number to start, then divide it by the number of guests you are expecting to invite. This gives you the per favor cost. You should stay within that budget. Favors are one of the smaller expenses in your wedding, and if you run over on this item, you will have to take it from someplace else. Many brides make their own favors, to save on this expense.

Suggestions for Favors

  • Write (or have printed) a special poem or message to your guests on thin paper. Roll it into a scroll, and tie with a ribbon in your wedding color.
  • Write your names and wedding date on a paper fan, and attach sprigs of flowers or ribbon.
  • Give small address books, with your new name and address already written in them.
  • Give each guest a small picture frame, and send a wedding photo for it with your thank-you cards.
  • Fill small baskets or glass jars with flowers, potpourri or candies.
  • Give guests a small ornamental box, filled with Jordan almonds, sugared nuts, or mints.
  • Give each guest a small wooden heart, painted with your names and wedding date, with a ribbon through it to use as an ornament.
  • Give small ceramic bells, with your names and wedding date on a tag attached by a ribbon.
  • Embroider the names and date on fabric, then stretch over small hoops. The hoops can be decorated with ribbons or small flowers.
  • Sew sachets, in the shape of a heart perhaps, of lace or floral fabric, and fill with potpourri.
  • Frame pressed flowers or ferns.
  • Give small, ornamental straw hats, covered with ribbons and flowers.
  • Decorate small grape-vine wreaths with ribbons and flowers.
  • Bake cookies or make candies in wedding or floral shapes.
  • Give guests small glass gifts: shot glasses, wine glasses, or votive candle holders.
  • Give each guest a small bottle of wine, with a ribbon and tag with your names on it.
  • Give each guest a silk rose, with a tag attached with your names and date, or candies.
  • Fill small baskets with miniature plants, decorated with ribbons and flowers.
  • Find small bud vases, and put a single small bloom in each one.

Where to Get Other Ideas

Browse through's participating vendors. Some other good places to get ideas for favors are Rochester area craft stores, bridal supply stores, or party stores. Even Christmas stores may give you an inspiration. In addition, there are many companies which supply bulk promotional items to businesses for advertising purposes. The cost of these items usually includes printing a company name or logo, which in your case would be your names, wedding date, and perhaps a short message. If you have catalogs available to you, you may find a small gift, such as a coffee mug, a pen, or other small item that you could use as a favor.

Ask Your Florist

When you arrange for your other floral needs, ask about any favor suggestions your Rochester area florist can make. You may decide to give some gift including either a fresh or silk flower. Your florist can supply you with these.

Plan Well Ahead of Time

This is especially important if you are making your own gifts, or are having them hand-made to order. This could even be one of the first details you attend to. You may wish to take several months making them. Unless you are using fresh flowers, they can probably be made well in advance, and boxed, so the week of your wedding you aren’t frantically making 1,000 ornaments.

Theme Favors

The favors you give should coordinate with the theme of your wedding. If your wedding is very romantic, look for favors which are old-fashioned, very frilly and lacy. Use pastel coloring. If your wedding is more elegant and sophisticated, choose the favors which are more sleek and less frilly. Use colors which are bold, instead of pastels. Use your ethnic heritage as an inspiration. For example, if you are Irish, fill small pots with shamrock plants. If either of you has a particular hobby, interest, or talent, use this in your favors. For example, if either of you is a musician, give small brass instruments (you may find these as Christmas ornaments) decorated with ribbons.

Other Tips

  • Look in craft stores for items available in bulk which can save you money.
  • Go to local craft fairs, and talk to anyone whose crafts seem appropriate.
  • Order any special items in plenty of time.
  • Even if you are ordering ready-made ornaments, allow enough time to personalize them with ribbon, flowers, or tags with your names.
  • Ask your attendants, family, or friends to help you. Have a “favor making” party to finish them all at one time.



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